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PPC management services provided by Writerscorporation will get the best results out of your AdWords account within weeks. The results which we will bring will begin by making the structure of your AdWords account, absolutely perfect. We bring the experience of managing thousands of PPC accounts to the table, if and when you hire us as your AdWords optimization specialist. Many clients who were unsatisfied with their previous agencies have been able to get the best results after hiring us. Our experienced pay per click management brings a high level of technical proficiency, which you will be able to notice immediately.

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What is PPC (Pay per click)

PPC stands for pay-per-click and it is a form of marketing in which advertisers have to pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It is a way of buying traffic for one's site, instead of earning traffic naturally or organically. Search engine advertising is arguably the most popular form of PPC in which advertisers bid for ad positions in the sponsored links of search engines. In this form of internet advertising, business owners are charged only when their ads are clicked by the users. It is used in combination with SEO by many PPC advertising companies to obtain the best possible results for their clients.

PPC VS. SEO - Which is best?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay per click (PPC) advertising are some of the very popular techniques in today's day and age to drive traffic to a website. Both the tools have the same goal of increasing traffic to a website, but which one of the two is better is something which depends on the needs of different businesses. Often the best way is to work with a combination of SEO and PPC to get the best results possible. For someone who has a decent budget to invest in ads and wants quick results, then PPC is the way to go. If you want high-quality organic leads then SEO is the way to go because in SEO the lead count may be less, but they have a higher chance of being genuine. If you are looking for long-last impact, then SEO emerges as the clear winner as with PPC, you will get no results when you stop investing in the PPC platforms.

PPC Process - We Follow

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We conduct an extensive website audit to completely understand the goals and objectives of your brand. The audit helps us to know more about your business which gives us the requisite insights needed for delivering you effective PPC strategies. Writerscorporation conduct a complete website audit to find out the potential problems that maybe stopping your website from living up to its true potential.

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We conduct an exhaustive keywords research which gives us the ability to drive targeted traffic to the business of our clients. By conducting a keyword research we get to know which keywords to choose for creating ad campaigns. Writerscorporation also conduct a research on the keywords being used and ranked by your competitors to get you more leverage over them.

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Competitor analysis is a very important exercise that we undertake every time we begin a new PPC account or open up a new segment within PPC. This is because checking the competition's possible targets increases our performance when we least expect it. It is also about learning from their successes and failures and doing things better to get a competitive leverage over them.

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We then setup a PPC account on the behalf of our clients to whom we provide PPC management services. As a leading PPC services company we ensure that we maintain a consistent theme throughout campaigns, keywords, and ad groups to retain high relevancy and search engine optimization. As one of the best PPC advertising companies, we always seek to get the best results possible for our clients.

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Being a leading PPC services company we conduct an automatic and at times, manual scheduling of campaigns to ensure that the campaigns run live at the precise time. Writerscorporation launch the campaign after we are sure that we have taken care of all important things that are of crucial significance to the launch.

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Being one of the best PPC management company we conduct landing page optimization for our clients. In this process we improve elements on a website to increase conversions. As a leading PPC marketing company, Writerscorporation use methods like A/B testing to improve the conversion goals of the landing page of our clients.

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Since PPC should never be treated with a 'set it and forget it' mindset, we being one of the best PPC advertising companies conduct monitoring and testing of the campaigns on a consistent basis. As a leading PPC marketing company we monitor performance, test and optimize all the PPC projects undertaken by us.

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Being a leading pay per click marketing agency we offer a detailed report and analysis of the campaigns to our clients. In this report we provide details about certain elements like total clicks and conversions etc. This is done so that the clients can gauge the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns that we run on their behalf.

Who should take PPC management services?

Any business regardless of the scale, size or nature of their operations can use PPC. It is effective equally for B2B and B2C companies and both of these kind of companies can get the best results with the help of a best PPC management company like Writers Corporation. Many businesses begin their PPC initiatives on their own before hiring PPC advertising companies to get better results. PPC management services can be used by both Fortune 500 and small companies to drive mass awareness with the help of paid ads.

What makes best PPC advertising firm?

  • 12+ years experience

    - We have 12+ years of experience as a leading PPC marketing company. We have an excellent client retention rate which makes us one of the best PPC advertising companies. We have helped businesses right from Fortune 500 companies to small companies throughout pay per click expert services. Writerscorporation help our clients by giving them an honest direction in succeeding with their online marketing campaigns.
  • Proven Strategy for success

    - We are a leading PPC marketing company which knows all the ins and outs of PPC. We are expert PPC management services providers which has a proven and verifiable record of delivering the best results to our clients as a top PPC services company. Being one of the leading pay per click management companies, Writerscorporation have a stellar record in helping our clients achieve their targets.
  • Focus on ROI Affordable PPC management services

    - With all the tools and techniques, systems and strategies at our disposal, we always endeavor to ensure our clients get the highest possible ROI. ROI is how much our clients make relative to their investment, and it is our goal at all times to ensure that they always get high returns for the investments that they make by hiring our PPC management services.
  • Affordable PPC management services

    -We are a leading pay per click agency which has a strong resolve to provide absolutely value-for-money services to our clients. We have various pricing models of affordable PPC management services which means that our clients won't have to strain their budgets for hiring our pay per click expert services.
  • Easy Contract

    - We sign a easy pay per click campaign services contract with our clients before officially going into business with them. The contract entails us providing PPC management services to a client to setting up and managing their PPC campaigns. The contract is relatively easier in comparison to other contracts of a similar nature that companies sign with their clients for providing PPC management services.
  • Proven Result

    - We are a leading PPC marketing company which has a proven and verifiable record of delivering the best results to our clients with the help of our PPC management services. Right from our initiation up till now, we have delivered results to many different clients and helped them in achieving their goals and targets.


The major two pay per click services provided by some of the top PPC advertising companies are Adwords (Google) and Adcenter (Microsoft for Bing). Over and above these aforementioned pay per click services, there are other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Twitter which provide pay per click services. You can avail these services if and when you hire the best PPC management services providers. The efficacy of these services depend on how they have been implemented by the PPC services company in question.

Pay per click can help your business in a lot of different ways. They will give you prominence in search engine result pages and you can be assured of getting a high traffic from these paid listings. The quick traffic generated to your website will increase the engagement levels of the visitors with your products and services and will improve the likelihood of you recording more sales. You can use hire PPC management services to target potential customers across the world.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads take into consideration a lot of different factors to decide your ad's position in the search results. Your bid, your quality score and your past performance of the keyword are three of the most important primary factors that are taken into consideration while determining an ad's position in the search results. If you bid higher than your competitors, have a better click through rate than them and have more tenure in the system, then those factors will surely help you in ranking your ad higher

Your investments depend on your goals and objectives but still a minimum threshold of investments can be narrowed down upon. You should be willing to spend at least $2000/month for PPC advertising companies. In some scenarios this amount can be lower than $2000, in other scenarios it can be higher than $2000, but overall $2000 is considered as a good standard for obtaining good results from the use of PPC management services. If you don't have the requisite resources, you are better off in focusing on website conversion rate optimization.

You need an AdWords optimization specialist to manage your account because you are likely to get more input and expertise from them, then you would get from Google. Google has a great staff but there are very less chances of you getting the same person when you call the helpline. Even if you manage to get across to the same person, they will not be able to help with elements like ROI because they have to help many people and don't have the luxury of time to engage everyone at length.

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